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Registration will take place at Camp Orchard, Inanda Road, Hillcrest on Friday evening and Saturday morning at The Harvest, where the main event will also take place.  

Link to the exact location: 

We are excited to announce that The Kickstands will entertain us for the evening whilst Camp Orchards will cater for all your culinary & hydration needs.  It is promised to be an incredibly festive evening as anticipation for Race Day builds.

Registration Times:

Friday 8 December 17:00 - 19:00

Saturday 9 December 04:30 - 05:15

(42km only)

Saturday 9 December 05:00 - 05:45 

(Short course only)

ID is required to collect numbers.

Collections on behalf of someone else will NOT be allowed.

Please do not leave it to the last minute.

The race start times will not be delayed due to your late registration.

race day info

Start | finish | cut offs


Expected winners time: 09:50

Last finishers time: 15:30



  • 09:30 Krantzkloof picnic site

  • 15:30 Camp Orchards


Expected winners time: 07:30

Last finishers time: 12:15



  • 15:30 Camp Orchard


  • 42km – 05:30 

  • 15km– 06:00


All marathon runners must complete the route by 15h30.


There is a compulsory cut off at approximately 24km – 4hrs (09h30) at the entrance to Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

Runners not making the cut off time must hand in their number to the marshal.



42km: White Flags and White and Black UHTM sign boards.

15km: Orange Flags and White and Orange UHTM sign boards. 


Where the routes are combined: White and Black/Orange (mixed) sign boards.


We have used a minimal approach to marking the trails. There will be clear markings at all trail crossing or turns. Look for the route flags and UHTM sign boards. Uploading the GPX to your phone or watch will help your navigation.


Please follow all marshal directions and instructions when crossing roads. When on the road, please run in single file and use the pavement when there is one available. 


Please refer to the route page for more details


5 Water tables along the 42 km course

  • Scout hall - Shortlands Ave

  • Stokers Arms Kloof

  • Uve Road - KKNR

  • Watsonia Place - KKNR Exit

  • Everton bridge (Acutts Drive)

2 Water tables along the 17 km course

  • Morewood

  • Everton bridge*twice (Acutts Drive)


Sections of the course cross private land, natural reserves and conservancy land. Therefore some sections are only accessible on race day. Please respect this and do not run the entire route at any other time.


UHTM is a cup free event in order to minimize the waste the event produces. Please ensure that you run with a suitable cup, bottle or container that you can use at the water tables.


Please watch the weather forecasts carefully and refer to the compulsory gear list page for more detail on what to pack.

We will not be checking the gear, but please be sensible and carry what is required.

Good grip trail running shoes are recommended as the route can be very technical in parts.

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